BRICK TYPE:  Cement Paver
DIMENSIONS:  200x100x60
BASE COLOUR:  Light Grey

Concrete Pavers are a popular choice for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool surrounds. Our pavers are manufactured to high standards.  Our Concrete Pavers are available in a variety of shapes and colours, giving you plenty of choices to create a unique driveway that complements your house and landscape.

Concrete Pavers can be removed and replaced, if necessary.  Unlike poured concrete and asphalt, Concrete Pavers do not require a curing period. Once installed, they are ready to use. They also offer more traction when wet than poured concrete.

Concrete Pavers are small, easy to handle, and don't require heavy equipment to install, making them perfect for your DIY driveway of patio.  Finish your dream home off nicely with a beautifully paved space.  Make sure your pavers are Trusted Quality – Build with the best!



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