Ready-mix concrete is made by bonding aggregates together permanently with powdered cement, water, and a bit of air, to make a durable, compact, fire-resistant and watertight building material requiring little or no maintenance.

Concrete is the only major building product arriving at the job site in a "plastic" state that can be moulded into nearly any shape before it hardens into a tough, long-lasting material. This economical product ranks as the world’s most widely used building material.

In order for building to remain standing it needs a stable foundation. Concrete is the unchanging base that is the starting point of all buildings

Our superior quality Ready-Mix is available in the following specifications, and delivered to your building site fast and efficiently:

* 10mpa
* 15mpa
* 20mpa
* 25mpa
* 30mpa
* 35mpa
* 40mpa
* 10mpa (13mm stone)
* 15mpa (13mm stone)
* 20mpa (13mm stone)
* 25mpa (13mm stone)

Our Ready-Mix is not restricted to the above specs.  Any other contract specific mix designs can be tailored to meet your needs.



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